To anyone reading this, I am surprised you have stumbled on to this blog *tumbleweed*

As you can clearly tell by the previous post, it has been inactive since 2009. Three years down the line and I have actually swayed away from motion and animation, instead cultivating a life in digital as a designer and developer. It hasn’t stopped me from experimenting, therefore I am going to showcase my creations on to my own blog designed and built in WordPress. It’s looking very promising, so check back for a link ūüôā




Taken from Onedtozero’s official website¬†[link to quoted text, here]:

onedotzero is a contemporary, digital arts organisation with a remit to promote innovation across all forms of moving image and motion arts. activities encompass public events, artist + content development, publishing projects, education, production, creative direction, and related consultancy services.

Onedotzero was in Nottingham on the 30th April, previewing 32 short films which comprised of motion graphics, character animation and experimental works, featured across different disciplines such as illustration and graphic design. Of course, I  took up this opportunity to witness some of the best work out there (it would be silly of me not to, especially when it is in Nottingham). There were a few productions which I had viewed on Motionographer a few months previous but overall subjected myself to this refreshing experience in being viewer, away from the design frame of mind.

Such pieces that caught my attention, Tractor (Martin B√∂ttger¬†and Bruno Dias),¬†Fading Object (Rob Rae), and¬†Big Idea [don’t get any] (James Houston), appeared to possess unique qualities which seemed to thrive among the 32 clips.¬†In Tractor, the variations of shapes visualised the sound beautifully, whilst speed and time hastened at the intesnity of the music.¬†Timing was perfect for Fading Object, as the music seeped elegantly with the animation.¬†As for Big Ideas [don’t get any], the old hardware was enough to wow an audience, imitating the music of Radiohead ‘Nude’.

One of the forces behind my intention in doing my MA was to learn about motion design, the process involved and showcase a portfolio of work which, not only suits my potential but offers what employers need for their creative business prospects. And coming from a graphic design background, I had marketed myself differently. For what it is worth, I am GRATEFUL to Nick Campbell for posting his presentation on Vimeo, and I have certainly learned a wealth of knowledge from his presentation. Ironically, I am constructing a website as I type so it is very useful for me at this point in time.

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[Info to be inserted May 10th, 2009]

Some sketches


Thought I’d reveal a few sketches from my sketchbook. My sketchbook is the epitome of all my ideas. Without it, all my epiphany moments would prove useless, potential ideas lost and myself non-existant. It is my usual ‘getaway’ holiday from the computer. Even the use of lines derived from a 2 minute sketch.

In the above gallery, lines have been composed in various angles and sizes. These were ideas for more paper-line play.


This is a time plan of what I should be doing during the MA phase. Although I may not exactly follow according to the chart, it still gives me an idea of where I stand, what I should be doing at the specified period and what awaits ahead.

[Apologies if the image does not show up on Mac. I will solve this issue as soon as possible]