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As I was browsing through my folders of past work, I discovered this interesting project I had enjoyed. The relation of motion with the installation came from the application of light. In my second year of my undergraduate degree, my fellow peers and myself were given an exciting opportunity to explore four dimensional (4D) space. […]

Sony Bravia commercial screenshots taken from Throughout the past 2 years, I have been fascinated by Sony Bravia “Colour” commercial campaigns. The commercial shown in screenshots above, was shot in San Francisco. Over 250,000 bouncy balls were released down San Francisco streets. I suspect some of the balls were computer generated through layering but all […]

I am currently undertaking my masters in motion graphics design. This blog was created to aid my research and reflections on man made motion creations compromising with computer graphics. One reason why I decided to look into this path was the growing dependency on technology especially among young designers today. Another notion which influenced my […]