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Experiment 1


At last, the completion of my first experiment has arrived to the reflective blog! [Video quality is not up to parr, I’m afraid. I will solve this as soon as possible, so please envelope yourself in the one below for the time being.] After unveiling this piece to my tutor group (in which I am […]



It was high time for me to start working those itchy fingers of mine. At last, I was about to construct something tangible after all the reading, reviewing, analysing, observations, debates – which had exhausted my tireless brain, along with my tireless mouth and tireless eyes. I finally had to come up with a short […]

…more famously known as the optical artist and one of the leading masterminds of the op art movement, Bridget Riley. I have been enchanted by her work, particularly her pieces produced in 1960s. Since I’m keen on experimenting with shapes and lines I have found her work of great help. Taken from the Tate Online […]