Textual sound waves (Where’s the paper?)


This was an advertisement for Radio Scotland in 1995, which drew my attention (Link to TVC: BBC Radio Scotland 1995 ):


Despite advertising for radio, there was use of lines and etching in motion to assist the speech provided from a radio commentating on football. The lines collaborated well with sound; generating an atmosphere through what appeared to be ‘loosely’ composed shapes echoing the frequency of the voice, while the text subtitles what the commentator is saying. Upon viewing the video, I created a doodle that replicated the visual representation of sound waves. This eventually evolved into textual waves, a combination of both speech and the written word.


It would look quite appealing if this were to be produced in animation, but was nonetheless another sketch which hindered my progress, neither relevant to material.

Unfortunately, my focus by this point expanded moreso as my attempt to channel my aims and goals proved a challenge. But what I did learn from this advertisement is importance of connecting text, sound and visual together and not disregarding neither element vital to the production of motion.


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