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To anyone reading this, I am surprised you have stumbled on to this blog *tumbleweed* As you can clearly tell by the previous post, it has been inactive since 2009. Three years down the line and I have actually swayed away from motion and animation, instead cultivating a life in digital as a designer and […]

Taken from Onedtozero’s official websiteĀ [link to quoted text, here]: onedotzero is a contemporary, digital arts organisation with a remit to promote innovation across all forms of moving image and motion arts. activities encompass public events, artist + content development, publishing projects, education, production, creative direction, and related consultancy services. Onedotzero was in Nottingham on the […]

One of the forces behind my intention in doing my MA was to learn about motion design, the process involved and showcase a portfolio of work which, not only suits my potential but offers what employers need for their creative business prospects. And coming from a graphic design background, I had marketed myself differently. For […]

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Some sketches


Thought I’d reveal a few sketches from my sketchbook. My sketchbook is the epitome of all my ideas. Without it, all my epiphany moments would prove useless, potential ideas lost and myself non-existant. It is my usual ‘getaway’ holiday from the computer. Even the use of lines derived from a 2 minute sketch. In the […]

This is a time plan of what I should be doing during the MA phase. Although I may not exactly follow according to the chart, it still gives me an idea of where I stand, what I should be doing at the specified period and what awaits ahead. [Apologies if the image does not show […]